“When something exceeds your ability to understand how it works, it sort of becomes magical.”
-Sir Jonathan Ive.


Well designed & beautifully crafted web sites for demanding projects.
Detail is what makes you step out of the crowd: UX driven interfaces, flat design and content focused webpages.

koku sushi webpage


A complete and elegant solution for the most of us. It is the most popular CMS out there. It manages your whole website so you can post with ease and focus on your content.


HTML 5 + CSS 3 + Javascript. 'SEO ready' pages with semantic tags which take full advantage of the potential of modern browsers.

Be responsive

Never miss a potential visitor. I make 'Responsive Design' oriented websites, specially designed & crafted for tablets and mobile devices.


PHP + MySQL, free quality software. Because technology 'under the hood' also matters.


iPhone and iPad native development. One app at a time.

Your idea is my command.

Make your projects come true and accesible for everybody.

An app is a nice window for your customers. Capable of everything, just one tap away.

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Design & User Experience

User experience is nowadays far beyond an extra feature. Apps are with us all day long and no longer serve functionality for functionality sake. They empower us and define new experiences with our devices.

I find the iPhone and the iPad extremely good for this task.


Being creative conforms both apects of mind: logic and intuition. I love being multidisciplinary.

Many stories. One legacy.

If creating software fulfills my passion for learning and delivering new useful tools for people, writing conveys my quest for expertise to the limit.

Training my creativity keeps me away from dogmas and helps me to find different ways to do different things.

I mainly write thrillers, horror and sci-fiction novels. Two have already been published: Horologium and Dimetiri.